About Alexander Walker


  • Alexander (Sandy) Walker is an Industrial Designer, and has worked extensively in R&D and management roles in Europe, North America and


  • Flinders University
    • Associate Professor
    • College of Science and Engineering
    • 1284 South Rd
    • January 2015 to Present


  • Napier University
    • BSc Industrial Design
    • August 1976 to June 1980

    As a graduate from a BSc degree in Industrial Design (Technology) program (the first engineering, marketing and product design hybrid course in Britain featuring a significant industry involvement component), and having worked in the R&D departments of advanced technology companies for much of my professional design career, I believe that a pedagogical environment which encourages the application of scientific knowledge and the provision of learning activities within an applied professional setting, are critical components of an industrial design education. Direct industry involvement through collaborative projects and industry internships with local, national and international organisations, are all important aspects of the courses that I currently lead. I use “Design Thinking” and “User Centred Design” as core influences of my design practice and as a teaching tools, and are methods that can be used to solve complex human centered problems.


  • Engineering Design

  • Industrial And Product Design


  • Industry 4.0

  • Materials And Manufacturing Processes

  • Design Methodology

  • Sustainable Design

  • Lifecycle Thinking

  • Sport Technology

  • Biomechanics

  • Business Development Management

  • Design Education

  • Design Engineering

  • Product Design

  • Industrial Design


  • English