Twentieth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society

March 07 - 08, 2024

Polytechnic University of Valencia
Valencia, Spain


Welcome to the micro-site for the Twentieth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society

Founded in 2005, the Technology, Knowledge & Society Research Network is brought together by a shared interest in the complex and subtle relationships between technology, knowledge, and society. The perspectives of our members range from big picture analyses that address global and universal concerns to detailed case studies that speak of localized applications of technology. We aim to traverse a broad terrain, sometimes technically and other times socially oriented, sometimes theoretical and other times practical in their perspective, and sometimes reflecting dispassionate analysis while at other times suggesting interested strategies for action. Our aim is to build an epistemic community where we can make linkages across disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries.

The Twentieth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society calls for research addressing the following annual themes and special focus: 

  • 2024 Special Focus—People, Education, and Technology for a Sustainable Future
  • Theme 1: Histories of Technology 
  • Theme 2: Knowledge Makers
  • Theme 3: Social Realities 

We are interested in the following questions:

  • How do societies produce, become determined, and are seen as technologies themselves?
  • What are the epistemological foundations that shape technological epochs?
  • What is the role of technologies in community formation, maintenance, and change?

Technology, Knowledge & Society Research Network also supports a book imprint and a collection of journals.