Human Rights and Sports Events: Media Images of the 2022 FIFA World Cup


This paper is devoted to media coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The aim of the study is to present whether and how the issue of human rights in this country was reported in media during the World Cup, as well as before and after this tournament. This objective is relevant because the human rights violations in Qatar have been widely commented by the media and are still not extensively analysed in the scientific literature. The undertaken research may also make a significant contribution to the discipline of social communication and media sciences. As part of this study, a qualitative content analysis of media reports about the World Cup was made. The subject of research using the categorization key were articles published on the websites of TVP Sport (Polish TV station), WP SportoweFakty (Polish sports website) and BBC in the following periods: the week finishing the day of the opening game of the World Cup, the first and last week of the tournament, and the week following the grand final. Observations have shown that information about the human rights violations in Qatar or protests against them appeared usually more often in media before the World Cup and in the first days of this torunament. The resulting conclusions show that social issues were more important in media reports in the early stages of the tournament, while the presentation of media reports from two countries may also be a topic of further analyses for media researchers.


Wojciech Skucha
Student, PhD Student, Jagiellonian University (Doctoral School in the Social Sciences), Poland


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Media Marketing and Identity


Sport, Media coverage, FIFA World Cup, Human rights, Qatar

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