Should College Athletes Get a Second Opinion?


When dealing with injuries, especially at the collegiate level, it is always best to get a second opinion or at least look into one. There have not been any studies as of late about whether or not college athletes have gotten or need a second opinion because most likely they have taken the diagnosis at face value. Due to not doing any research about this many athletes think that they may have an injury that may be worse or not worse than they think. We decided to use online surveys to gather data so we could determine if getting second opinions would be needed for college athletes. We selected college athletes that went to schools from 2021-2023 through the months of May to July. Our study found that injured college athletes benefit from second opinions to avoid misdiagnosis as well as get the proper treatment to be able to perform at the level they were before they had gotten injured.


Dae Kwon Christopher
Student, Business Administration, Midway University, United States


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Sport and Health


To make sure athletes are treated properly

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