Betting on the Law of Unintended Consequences: Sport Betting and What Can Go Wrong


As of 2023, 38 states have legalized sport betting in various forms. While professional sport teams and sportsbooks are generating significant revenue and state coffers are starting to generate some much needed revenue, there are consequences. Even with the best intention there are issues affecting various key stakeholders. As an example, artificial intelligence (AI) is being harnessed by well-funded venture capitalist trying to get an edge against the house that might help them win a major bet. High-end computers can examine numerous betting lines and point spreads and find a possible mistake or anomaly and then bets could be placed to try and beat the house. Is this similar to counting cards? Sportsbooks were probably focused on small gamblers with imperfect information versus well-funded syndicates able to place bets for millions. Other concerns include gambling addiction, additional law enforcement resources, maintained strength of illegal sport wagering, corruption in less popular sports and various other concerns. Some of these concerns were anticipated, while others were not. Some concerns could have been anticipated through examining best practices learned in other countries, such as Great Britain, which have already developed significant knowledge in this space. This workshop examines various issues that have arisen impacting the sport wagering landscape that might not have been anticipated and attendees will be encouraged to explore various solutions to handle major concerns going forward.


Gil Fried
Professor/Chair, Administration & Law, University of West Florida, Florida, United States

William Crawley
Student, Dean of College of Education and Professional Studies (CEPS), University of West Florida, Florida, United States


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Workshop Presentation


Sport Betting and eSport


Sport, Gambling, Betting, Problems, Government

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