The Implementation of Dare to Care in Sport Antibullying Program


Turn on the TV open a newspaper, or scroll social media and you will most likely see an article or headline focusing on unethical behavior in sport. In an effort to reduce bullying an intervention program was designed and implemented into a competitive swim club. The implementation requires all those connected with the club (including coaches, athletes, parents/guardians, board members, etc.) to complete a three-hour face-to-face workshop. This paper shares findings from a study examining if and how the program impacted the swim club. Findings from the study highlight the importance of language and understanding, reasons for bullying, and a strategy to take a step forward in dealing with bullying in sport.


Julie Booke
Associate Professor, Health and Physical Education, Mount Royal University, Alberta, Canada


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Sport and Health


Bullying in sport Intervention program

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