Determinism is a Key Factor of Football Development in Europe: Growth of Player's Skills and Performance; Growth of Competition and Economics


Application of determinism principles through modeling and management of processes within competitive environment at all age levels significantly increases both a level of young players preparation and a level of competition in adult tournaments. This, in turn, contributes to further development of football industry and its ecosystem, growth of audience and financial flows. Development programs and policy of leading national football associations in Europe consist in fact that players, coaches, specialists develop primarily due to conditions / environment in which they work, facing resistance factors that force them to show best qualities, with constant adaptation to changing external factors, being in constant search of optimal, original and creative solutions to achieve aims. An effective national competition structure that meets set goals, as well as a program for development in youth football, certainly enjoys great attention from audience, broadcasters, sponsors and partners as a quality product. The Influence of determinism through competitive environment on development of football in Europe, its economic and social role; on the development of personality of professional athletes, their motivation and sports performance are considered. New tools are presented that can be implemented through determinism in European football in the near future, including modern technological decisions.


Alexei Morozov
Co-Founder, Communications, HumanGeneration, Etelä-Suomen lääni, Finland


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Sport Science


Football development; FIFA WORLD CUP 2026; Economics and Sports

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