The Application of Media Technology and the Improvement of Physical Activities and Bilingual Interaction in Child-friendly Communities in Chinese Coastal Cities: From the Perspective of Glocalization


This study explores existing problems of public space in child-friendly communities, especially the space for for bilingual interaction and physical education, further to consider about how to learn from the experience of cities having been award the certificate of child-friendliness. This study has reviewed the physical, functional and neighborhood characteristics of four kinds of communities identified under the framework of ‘public relation– neighborhood’. Meanwhile, this study has also reviewed the mode for constructing a ‘child-friendly community’ (Zhou, 2021) and ‘an ideal mode of supportive conditions for locally dependent groups, such as families with children and youth’ (Horelli, 2007). There are three existing problems in communities listed in the plan of developing ‘child-friendly city’ in China. Firstly, community with exploration and participatory culture simply provide public service for kids to passively immerse into education and physical activities. Secondly, communities with poor environmental conditions and low extent of media and technology in physical activities use cannot make citizens form the sense of community. Additionally, communities filled with commercial residential buildings and dissociated citizens lacks participatory culture and collective consensus. As a consequence, it is suggested to set up managerial staff and a community service team with study experience in USA, UK, Canada and Australia to change the status of children’s passive learning; secondly, to form the new pattern of co-governance by government and society and sharing benefits of multiple communities; lastly, to improve user experience of media technology and to construct integrating ecosystem of multiple media to achieve different regions globally.


Yanying Chen
Bilingual Teaching and International Affairs Management, Business School, NingboTech University, China, Zhejiang, China


Presentation Type

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Media Marketing and Identity


Child-friendliness community, Physical activities, Glocalization, Participatory culture, Multiple media ecosystem

Digital Media

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