Psychological Resilience among Physical Education Students: A Field Study at University of Ouargla


The current study aims to know the resilience of physical education and sports students before and during home quarantine due to the emerging coronavirus. For the purpose of evaluating the level among students at the Institute of Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities at the University of Ouargla, a resilience scale was used. The number of those who answered the electronic form reached 103 students. The results show statistically significant differences in resilience among students before and during the home confinement period, and no statistically significant differences between students according to the school-level variable before and during the home quarantine. On the other hand, there are differences according to the geographical variable. It is necessary to create platforms and websites concerned with providing programs, instructions, and directions to enhance resilience and mental and psychological health for students, especially in light of these sudden global crises that require remote communication.


Mouloud Kenioua
Associate Professor, Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities, Ouargla University, Jijel, Algeria


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Sport and Health



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