Soccer Grannies: The South African Women Who Inspire the World


I have written a narrative nonfiction book about a group of 40- to 80-year-old women who play soccer in Limpopo South Africa. An older woman soccer player myself, our teams met to play the beautiful game on both sides of the Atlantic. In the process of writing the book, I read books and research papers on the history of South African football, AIDS, Christianity, roles of grandmothers, and witchcraft accusations. Interviews were conducted with the women in their native language. While I am not an academic researcher, connections emerge between sport and social interactions, improved health, mobility, and mental outlook. None of that will surprise academics, but I hope that this book is accessible to a broader audience. The book will be published in 2023. This session is based on a short reading and presentation by South African community activist and founder of the Soccer Grannies team, Beka Ntsanwisi, about why and how she founded the team, and Q&A with Beka and me.


Jean Duffy
Author, JGD Consulting, Massachusetts, United States


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Sport and Health


Women's Sports, Sports History, Sports Diplomacy, African History, Women's Issues

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