Covering Gender and Social Change: Sports, Women’s Pages & Title IX


The women’s pages of newspapers were important information sources about gender and equality issues in the 1960s and the 1970s. Specifically, Title IX was covered in a different way than the news sections. After all, many of the women’s page journalists experienced gender-based inequities – including education and athletics. Part of the women’s reporting on the topic was due to the states and federal Commission on the Status of Women. President John F. Kennedy’s Presidential Commission on the Status of Women was established in 1961. The Commission’s report, American Women was published in 1963. It recommended that each state form similar commissions. Equality in education and sports were part of the mission. The women’s pages often covered the topic. This study explores the intersection between Title IX, women’s pages, and sports.


Kimberly Voss
Professor, Journalism, University of Central Florida, Florida, United States


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Poster Session


Gender Equity and Policy


Title IX, Sports, Women, Girls, Newspapers, Media Coverage

Digital Media


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