Usability of Developed Smartphone-based Acoustics Experiment Using Phyphox


Smartphone-based experiments are experiments that utilize smartphone sensors as measuring tools. They are accessible and are a promising alternative to conventional laboratory experiments. The purpose of this study was to test the usability of a developed smartphone-based acoustics experiment (SBAE) using the Phyphox application for an introductory physics laboratory in the Philippines. The experiment on determining the period and frequency of monotones was evaluated in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. An initial accuracy test comparing the experimental values acquired from standard laboratory equipment, Phyphox on an Android device, and Phyphox on an Apple device. In this study, the SBAE was implemented in a class of 13 non-physics majors, undergraduate students (SG) who are enrolled in an introductory laboratory physics class onsite. The students completed a laboratory worksheet and questionnaires which served as the bases for the usability measures. The results of the accuracy test was analyzed using ANOVA and showed that there is no significant difference between the experimental values obtained from the three apparatuses. The effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction of the SBAE were all positively rated. Furthermore, a comparison of the effectiveness of the SG to a non-smartphone group (NSG) using conventional laboratory materials through t-test showed no significant difference in the students’ quality of outcome. The developed SBAE using Phyphox has good usability and can be used in the physics classroom as an alternative to conventional laboratory experiments.


Ma. Angela Beatrice Mateo
Student, Master of Science in Science Education, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

Ramon Delos Santos
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

Ivan Culaba


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


2023 Special Focus—Smart Education 4.0 Empowering Learners and Educators


Smartphone, Acoustics, Experiment, Physics Education, Usability, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Satisfaction

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