Promoting Academic Integrity through Gamification : Testing the Effectiveness of a 3D Video Game


Academic integrity is the foundation of quality higher education. However, the resources explaining the concept tend to be definition-driven, have complex language and sometimes even a severe tone to discourage students from breaking rules. This project deployed a gamified approach, designing and evaluating a 3D interactive computer game for university students to facilitate their understanding and adoption of academic integrity principles. The 3D game allowed students to be immersed in a virtual campus through an avatar and navigate a campus (e.g., garden, library, cafe, student accommodation) with scenario-based, academic integrity related dialogues with in-game characters. The paper showcases the game design and student feedback of the game. Observation and interviews were conducted with 15 participants. Thematic analysis of the data shows that the game greatly enhanced student understanding of academic integrity concepts by providing contextualised memorability whilst relieving anxiety. Students’ engagement with the game was linked to game features such as appealing aesthetics, customisation, and contextualisation. The paper concludes with recommendations on the usability of gamification.


Laura Sbaffi
Senior Lecturer, Information School, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Technologies of Mediation


Academic Integrity,Gamification,3D Computer Games,Virtual Games

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