Peer-to-Peer Learning: Issues in Education and in the Workplace


In this ever-changing world teaching and learning techniques and strategies never remain static, they change and we, faculty members, have to readjust ourselves to embrace the changes. One of the changes that draws my attention specifically is the ‘peer-to-peer’ learning where learners support each other in the learning process. I have the experience of such changes in both formal teaching-learning sessions in the university as well as in a bit less formal training-learning sessions in some workplaces. In this paper, I share how this peer-to-peer learning really takes place meaningfully both in classrooms and in the official setting and how these encourage many learners to over come their fear and perform well. The role of the teachers also shifts from authoritative figures to facilitators. Outcome of such peer learning seems very much positive where learners get confidence through obtaining knowledge, applying the same by receiving constructive feedback and by reflecting on skills and lessons learned.


Kamrul Fakir
Assistant Professor, School of Business, Varendra University, Rajshahi zila, Bangladesh


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Considering Digital Pedagogies


Collaborative learning, Increased engagement, Mentor, Reflection

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