Draw Your Breath: Accessing Inner Knowledge Through Art And Technology.


Students often find it hard to focus their thoughts and come up with creative ideas for research. With so many distractions and visual ‘noise’ around, how can students connect to an inner, meaningful knowledge in a safe, inclusive space? ‘Draw Your Breath’ is a unique reflective method that uses meditation, simple arts, and technology to build deep relation with the self and with others, and to draw insights out. Following a simple meditation, participants are asked to sketch or draw their breathing patterns on a blank paper. The resulting drawings act like mirrors, reflecting and visualising the breathing process that is internal and invisible. In the state of drawing while in relaxation, the body is wholly consumed by the breathing, not by the thinking mind. A safe space is created where participants reflect on ‘absorbing’ insights that surface and guide their art works. In the workshop we will follow a meditation, and will draw our breathing. We will also upload our arts to a digital board. This workshop is part of Dr. Gil Dekel’s research into processes of inspiration and creativity. Please bring a few A4 sheets, and a black marker pen (you can also have other colours). Zoom link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/77800496837?pwd=tbo3MpMIBmyS32gFkBi0wfahFPS5QO.1


Gil Dekel
Associate Lecturer, Open University, United Kingdom


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Workshop Presentation


Considering Digital Pedagogies


Meditation, A-priori, Knowledge, Art, Inspiration, Reflection, Academic, Thesis

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