Inclusiveness of Tourism Study: An Innovation of Total Learning


Tourism comprises multi-faceted activities and so does its learning. Tourism is not only based on the products and services but also based on human psychology. Perception of a tourist, his expectation, demands and satisfaction are vital to make a successful tourism initiative. A good marketing campaign is not done without keeping in mind the targeted tourists’ demography. Financial plan, budgeting, sustainability plan are also extremely important. Health issue, particularly after COVID-19, is now in the pinnacle. Language knowledge and ability can never be ignored. Operational management and human resources with right attitude remain as mandatory since the inception of tour operations. Personal and work hygiene and taste is in consideration for food and beverages. While preparing tourism study curriculum the syllabus and curriculum developer always have a tough time what to include and what not. Teaching techniques and methodologies and assessment procedures also needs innovation to focus on targeted outcome. The current paper highlights how inclusiveness assists tourism study to offer a complete learning so that the learning outcome is achieved.


Md. Surf Uddin Ahamed
Senior Research Officer, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Varendra University, Bangladesh


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Designing Social Transformations


Curriculum, Innovation, Inclusiveness, Multi-disciplinary, Tourism

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