Essential Elements for Truly Personalized Learning in World Language Classrooms


This paper discusses crucial elements to realize truly personalized learning in world language classrooms. To incorporate personalized learning in an intermediate Japanese language course, a new curriculum has been developed, centered on flipped learning, with the use of a web-based application tailored to the needs of each student. A variety of options have been added to the out-of-class activities to meet the needs of individual students. For example, in addition to reading explanations, English and Japanese video options are included to introduce grammar, and the web application-based listening practice includes a “mastery mode” that allows students to repeat the practice at their own pace until mastery is achieved. Analysis of the usage data showed that students learned in a variety of ways; however, the interviews with the students revealed that simply offering choices may not always be sufficient. In some cases, particularly among the lower-performing students, students were not choosing the options they needed most. There were also cases where there was a discrepancy between their performance in class and online practice and test scores. Therefore, to create a truly personalized curriculum, it seems necessary not only to provide students with options but also to present a clear learning path for each individual student. Furthermore, it is desirable to provide students with a comprehensive learning path based both on objective data, such as online practice and test scores, as well as factors that only teachers can provide, such as how students are performing in the classroom.


Hisae Matsui
Lecturer, Department of East Asian Studies, Princeton University, New Jersey, United States


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Considering Digital Pedagogies


Personalized learning, Flipped learning, World language classrooms, Curriculum development

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