Digiskills.PH - Digital Literacy for University Teachers: A Case Study


In order to provide seminars that include future skills and pay attention to potentials and challenges of a digitized world, university teachers need to acquire digital literacy and digital skills. At KPH Vienna/Krems, a university teacher college in Austria, a pilot course was introduced in 2022, consisting of a self-paced online course as well as synchronous online-sessions to address specific needs and to enable direct communication among participants. The course is based on digital competences and media literacy according to the model by Eichhorn which consists of eight dimensions and three levels. The contribution presents the course concept as well as results from the evaluation after the first and second term of this three term course. Results show that there are certain skills (communication and collaboration) which are seen as most important for teacher-trainers at KPH. The evaluation also shows that courses like this one need to fulfill certain requirements as all participants agreed on the fact that they needed more time to really concentrate on the contents presented in the course as well as practicing their skills.


Sonja Gabriel
Professor, Media Literacy, KPH Vienna/Krems, Austria


Presentation Type

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


2023 Special Focus—Smart Education 4.0 Empowering Learners and Educators


Digital Literacy, Teacher Trainers, Online Course, Evaluation, Higher Education

Digital Media


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