Effective Teaching of Social Studies in Primary Schools in Nigeria: Innovative Pedagogies and In-Service Training as Potent Tools


Traditional pedagogies are almost becoming obsolete in teaching and learning process in our contemporary times. In this present day technologically driven world, students are frequently exposed to innovative ways of sharing information, while most teachers still maintain traditional means of sharing knowledge. Given the high premium placed on social studies in the Nigeria’s school curriculum, the need to teach it effectively is indisputable. The problem of poor performance of students in this discipline had led to the outcry of policy makers and stakeholders in education. Against this backdrop, the researcher has deemed it necessary to investigate the factors to be considered by the Social Studies teacher in selecting pedagogy for teaching of Social Studies in school, as well as the relevance of innovative teaching method in the teaching and learning of social studies education in schools. Most importantly, this paper looks at how contemporary innovative pedagogies (especially activity method) and well-planned in-service training programmes can be effectively employed in the teaching of social studies in primary schools in Nigeria. The paper concludes that, innovative pedagogies and in-services training programnmes, when “lawfully wedded” will bring about the much needed educational re-birth in Nigeria primary school system. Finally, it recommends among others, that social studies teachers should be updated with needed skills through workshops, induction courses, conferences, short courses and seminars, in order to meet the growing demand of contemporary societies.


Philip Egbule
Lecturing/Researching, Department of Social Science Education, University of Delta, Agbor, Nigeria, Delta, Nigeria


Presentation Type

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


2023 Special Focus—Smart Education 4.0 Empowering Learners and Educators


Innovation, Pedagogy, In-Service Training, Social Studies Education, Teaching and Learning

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