An In-depth Comparison Study of Canadian and Danish's Entrepreneurship and Education System


An in-depth analysis of a comparison study between Canada and Denmark to analyze the education system between the countries in entrepreneurship is undertaken in this paper. Denmark, a land of high wages and taxes, and Canada, a land of immigrants and opportunities, have seen a positive relationship in entrepreneurs’ growth. They are both considered one of the top ten countries to start a business and to have government support globally. However, education is entirely free to Danish students, including university degrees, compared to Canadians. This can further hurdle Canadian millennials to grow in the business world—the business experience more growth with educated entrepreneurs with international backgrounds in new immigrants. Along with Ph.D. professors, entrepreneurs should be allowed to teach at learning intuitions. Millennials turn out to be the most entrepreneurial generation in both countries. Entrepreneurship education is only beneficial when students create businesses and learn from real-life experiences. Entrepreneurship is not about reading theory but practical work experience, from starting and closing your business to empowering young entrepreneurs. Managing physical, mental, emotional, and psychological health while dealing with high pressure in entrepreneurship are soft skills learned through practical work. The tests should be around practicality means handling high-pressure situations, dealing with supply and demand, handling finances, accepting criticism, and learning from feedback in business. It takes a little humility for faculty to know that you need to get feedback from your students to learn and grow to take managerial and technical expertise to the next level.


Amna Khaliq
Business Management Instructor, Northern Lights College, British Columbia, Canada


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Designing Social Transformations


Entrepreneurship Education, Millennials, Pandemic, Denmark, Canada

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