Lab Library - Innovation Laboratory for Knowledge Construction: Biblioteca Lab - Laboratório de Inovação para a Construção do Conhecimento


The commitment of educational institutions is closely related to the training of professionals with adaptive, efficient, problem-solving and ethical capacity through the development of competences that allow them to follow the same speed as the innovations occurring in the world. In this context, libraries, in addition to offering space and resources, can, with a sense of socialization, function as a place of learning, prepared to meet the needs and expectations of their community, offering educational and cultural services, with the promotion of experiences for the construction of the autonomous, proactive and collaborative knowledge. An action proposal that will be able to work with its users the concept of learning through transversal actions that crosses three pillars: education, innovation and protagonism, starting to act as a learning laboratory connected to innovation and entrepreneurship. The lab library aims to carry out projects that promote user-centered learning, information literacy in an accessible and collaborative way, launching challenges for the dissemination of knowledge, showing experiences and areas for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship projects. connected with the labor market. Based on this reality, the lab library promotes training activities, alone or in partnership with other institutions and professionals, through courses, workshops, lectures, workshops, events and other activities that provide the development of competences. It is an innovative space that promotes autonomy, collectivity, investigation, collaboration, participation, connectivity, engagement, flexibility, actions that reinforce libraries no longer understood only as spaces, collections and services limited to the use of printed books.


Alessandra Pattuzzo
Bibliotecária e Gestora de Inovação, Pesquisa e Extensão, Biblioteca e Centro de Inovação, Pesquisa e Extensão, Centro Universitário FAESA, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Helen de Castro Silva Casarin


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Designing Social Transformations



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