Examining the Benefit of a Learning Management System to Align to Strategic Objectives in Entering New Markets


When entering into new markets or verticals, organizational leaders may struggle with mass educating current employees on the implications of new entry. Furthermore, clearly communicating the strategic goals in relation to execution or how the organization may pivot current products to meet the needs of new customers can be challenge. While learning and development may be perceived as being owned by human resources, or other specialists within this division, those leaders who collaborate with learning practitioners can benefit commercially in using learning management systems (LMS) to mass educate employees internally. While employees may need to understand changes in strategy or in products at various levels depending on their job role, the utilization of a LMS can further help organizations future-proof employees at all levels. We illustrate a case example of an organization that utilized their LMS (Workday) in a more strategic way and the alignment and benefits a tiered approach had. In detailing, we examine the benefits between the on-demand courseware in alignment to internal events, resources and communications while also comparing a multi-month approach to a more expedited approach.


Catherine Rymsha
Visiting Lecturer, Management, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Massachusetts, United States


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Considering Digital Pedagogies



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