Emerging Technology for Individualized Learning Experiences


As the immigrant population of Canada rises to over 20%, the paradigms of medical education have changed. Incorporating emerging technology promotes educational equity, student engagement, and allows students to obtain real world experience. Anderson College of Health, Business, and Technology has implemented an immersive learning experience via interactive learning modules and medical simulation. Interactive modules include recorded presentations and gamified course summaries. Recorded presentations include instructor created course material combined with videos, animation, and images. Gamification stimulates emotional responses in students, thus making course material more engaging. Students respond to coursework positively when questions are correctly answered. The program Simtics is used to create medical simulations for healthcare students. Students are able to explore digital rooms and interact with patients. Medical simulation highlights proper protocols and allows for real world experience. Students are better prepared for the workplace because concepts such as medical ethics and humanism are reinforced.


Gabrielle Heard
Student, EdD Educational Research, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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Innovation Showcase


Considering Digital Pedagogies


Simulation, Emerging Technology, Pedagogy, E-learning, Digital learning, Digital technology

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