Student Teachers’ Experiences-as-lived in a Flipped Pedagogy: An Interpretive Phenomenological Study


Phenomenology is increasingly recognized as philosophical and methodological construct in reporting student experiences of learning. In recent decades, research studies on the flipped class pedagogy strategy have shown significant educational benefits in student learning across subjects and contexts. This research explores student teachers’ experiences-as-lived in an online teaching course at an ODeL university. An interpretive phenomenological lens was employed using virtual videoconferencing to collect data. Fourth-year Bachelor of Education (BEd) and Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) (n=12) student teachers were purposively selected. This study contributes to the literature of pedagogical dimensions that drives the functionality of the flipped learning in an ODeL context. Furthermore, this exploratory study makes an educational contribution to the practical implementation for future research purposes. Future research may extend the inquiry into other pedagogical dimensions by examining the effect of motivational factors such as self-efficacy of student teachers.


Micheal M Van Wyk
Professor and Chair of Department, Curriculum and Instructional Studies, University of South Africa


Presentation Type

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Considering Digital Pedagogies


Phenomenology, Videoconferencing, Flipped Pedagogy, Qualitative

Digital Media