A Novel Framework for Effective Online Course Design and Learning


Effective teaching and learning online pose several institutional challenges worldwide. The philosophy of teaching at any institution should influence teaching online. Should courses be taught entirely online or in hybrid of traditional classroom and online? What kinds of hardware, networks and software are available for effective online course delivery? How should courses be developed or converted for beneficial online teaching and learning? What alternative platforms and tools are available for use in an operational online classroom? This paper examines current theory and practices of online teaching, in efforts to promote the best practices of effective online teaching and learning at different levels of education. A comprehensive model is presented for exploring alternative resources and techniques that can be used to set up courses, teach and assess learning in an online classroom. The paper features examples of creative online course design, syllabus, discussion forums, student activities and assessment. The paper details free and commercial online web resources for incorporating best online teaching practices into existing traditional classroom instruction, to help more faculty members to engage in effective online teaching and learning. A generic modular course design template is presented for designing effective online courses. The template includes interactive description, knowledge, key points to remember, discussion, reflection, summary, practice exercises, and assessments for each learning objective of the course module. A prototype system to facilitate the adoption of modular course design is presented to promote effective online learning. Experimental results from the current architype system show the reliability of the new framework.


Amos Olagunju
St Cloud State University, Minnesota


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


2023 Special Focus—Smart Education 4.0 Empowering Learners and Educators



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