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Stephen Bezzina, Research Support Officer, Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Malta, Attard, Malta

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Workshop Presentation
Ilona Elefteryja Lasica,  Stavros Pitsikalis,  Chryssi Vitsilaki  

The aim of the suggested workshop is to promote and enhance the implementation of innovation in education and training. The workshop will be divided in 3 sessions of 15 minutes. During the first session attendees will be introduced to emerging technologies in education, focusing on Augmented Reality (AR) through an interactive demonstration. More specifically, they will find out how AR works, realize the differentiation among other digital realities (e.g. virtual, mixed) and highlight the additional value of such emerging technologies in education and training. During the second session, attendees will get familiar with existing applications of AR technology for educational or training purposes and will attend an exchange of ideas, discussing their experience and expressing thoughts concerning future intentions on integrating AR into their classrooms or laboratories. Finally, during the third session, attendees will be guided to create their own AR learning objects, using simple applications on their smartphones. Attendees of this workshop are not expected to have specific prerequisite knowledge or skills; however, they need to bring their own smart devices (tablets/smartphones) and have access to Wi-Fi internet connection (note: in case cardboards are available, they could be used during this workshop). At the beginning of the workshop, attendees will be guided on how to install specific applications on their devices, to be able to attend the process. Throughout the total workshops’ duration, experiential learning and active audience participation will be encouraged, focused on the development of new skills and instructional practices.

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