Case Study - Visiting the Msida Campus

Msida Campus, University of Malta

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A Case Study Afternoon will be a tour of the technology-enhanced learning facilities at the University of Malta managed by IT Services. After lunch, we'll go to the Msida campus at the Faculty of ICT of the University of Malta. The technical team at the campus will showcase the technology employed at every facility while highlighting the underlying pedagogical aspects/decisions together with the technical aspects. The tour will include technological facilities at Campus Hub, lecturing theatres, and various facilities at IT-Services especially those related to the technical infrastructure & backup and those facilities dedicated to particular pedagogical purposes such as distance education suites, lecture recording facilities, Wiseflow, Moodle platform, etc.

13:30PM-14:00PM - Travel to the Msida campus (Faculty of ICT)

14:00PM-15:30PM - Tour at the Faculty of ICT

15:30PM-16:00PM - Travel back to the Valletta campus 

Date: April 14, 2023

Time: Starting at 13:30PM

Location: Meeting location to be determined

Cost: Complimentary to all In Person, Blended delegates, but requires sign up via the link below.

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