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Ilona Elefteryja Lasica, Research Associate, Department of Preschool Education Sciences and Educational Design, University of the Aegean, Dodekanisos, Greece

How To Create Sociability in Three Ways - Synchronously, Face-to-Face, and Asynchronously: Methods for Enforcing Student Connections Digitally and In Person View Digital Media

Workshop Presentation
Kristina Markos  

Prior to the pandemic, students who were seeking an online education were mostly doing so for flexibility and easy access. However, once we all shifted online, the need to blend the traditional on the ground experience with online education became clear. Through this workshop, attendees will learn action-based methodologies for establishing community in an online setting. Some of these best-practices discussed include, building community, establishing common truths and goals, leveraging the instructor's background and expertise to create open dialogue. Moreover, attendees will experience a conversation in building equity. Since the playing field in online education has been leveled, it's critical that online educators build equitable practices in their classrooms. Through this workshop, we'll also explore online tools and resources that can be used to specifically foster community. Lastly, project-based and group learning is key to successful online delivery, and we'll investigate how powerful collaboration can be in a digital format. This session is built on anecdotal evidence from Simmons University's online program.

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