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Danielle Safonte, Student, Doctor of Education, Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, United States

E-learning for Every Teacher: How to Integrate Best Practices of Remote Learning into Traditional Classrooms View Digital Media

Workshop Presentation
Derek Porter  

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many educational leaders worldwide pushed to get students back to face-to-face instruction as quickly as possible. American University professor Kerwin Hall, among others, found that face-to-face classes lead to better student outcomes than remote learning when accounting for instructor differences. Following this premise, the majority push for a return to a traditional education model, but equity says, hold on! Not all families are coming back inside school buildings, and justice behooves us to ask why. What should we have learned from remote learning that can enhance the experiences of all students? In this session, we will review and evaluate the work of Elucidat and other premier e-learning curators to improve all learning experiences for children in mixed modes of sociability: blending face-to-face, remote, synchronous and asynchronous. The content of this session will include an introductory definition of e-learning, including the five essential ingredients of effective e-learning. Followed by practical takeaways from remote learning that have emerged as instructional design best practices. The bulk of our time will be spent reflecting, discussing, and applying our collective learning from this pandemic on student motivation and engagement with the end goal of how it must be contextualized to evolve our traditional approach to face-to-face instruction.

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