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Yidan Shao, Student, Doctoral, Fordham University, New York, United States

Ready Learner One - How We Built A 'Real School' in the Cloud: Rundle Studio is a Unique Virtualized Program for Students with Complex Learning Needs View Digital Media

Innovation Showcase
Jason Rogers,  John Wolf  

Rundle Studio (The Studio) is the first virtual school for students with complex learning needs in North America. The Studio is not a MOOC or a YouTube tutorial; it is a true school community in the cloud. At The Studio, all curriculum is delivered in a universally designed manner. The Studio engages its students in character, co-curricuricuar and in-school activities that you would see at a brick and mortar school. At the root of The Studio’s success is a deep sense of connectivity and belonging for the students and the staff. We’ve taken education from the classroom to the metaverse.

Gamification in Education as a Trauma-informed Approach View Digital Media

Innovation Showcase
Jeffrey Jones,  Michael Coriasco  

Gamification in education incorporates elements of a trauma-informed teaching such as safety, empowerment, and choice, providing intrinsic motivation for learning. While evidence of using gamification to promote learning in education has grown in the last decade, its discussion as an application of trauma-informed teaching has received limited attention. This paper discusses the potential for gamification to be utilized as a trauma-informed approach through an analysis of the literature and feedback from learners experiencing gamification in a nursing leadership course.

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