Thirteenth International Conference on Food Studies

October 18 - 20, 2023

University of Guadalajara, Centro Universitario de IngenierĂ­as (CUCEI)
Guadalajara, Mexico


Welcome to the micro-site for the Thirteenth International Conference on Food Studies.

Founded in 2011, the Food Studies Research Network is brought together around a common interest to explore new possibilities for sustainable food production and human nutrition, and associated impacts of food systems on culture. We seek to build an epistemic community where we can make linkages across disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries. As a Research Network, we are defined by our scope and concerns and motivated to build strategies for action framed by our shared themes and tensions.

The Thirteenth International Conference on Food Studies calls for research addressing the following annual themes and special focus: 

  • 2023 Special Focus—Technologies of Sustainable Food: Facing the Challenge of Climate Change
  • Theme 1: Food Production and Sustainability
  • Theme 2: Food, Nutrition, and Health 
  • Theme 3: Food Politics, Policies, and Cultures 

We are interested in the following questions

  • How sustainable is our current food system?
  • How do we improve public understandings of nutrition and community eating practices?
  • How do we navigate the politics and policies of food systems?

Food Studies Research Network also supports a book imprint and a collection of journals.