Impact of Church Leadership on the Provision of Social Ministry in Selected Communities of Ogbomoso Land


This study examines the impact of Church leadership on the provision of social ministry in selected communities of Ogbomoso land. The study investigates the components of social ministry; the challenges confronting Church leadership in providing social ministry in selected communities of Ogbomoso land; and suggests better strategies that the Church leadership could employ to enhance social ministry. The research examines problems of health challenge of the aged, bad source of water, and bad roads. The method adopted for the research was descriptive survey. The population for the study were all pastors and Church members of Churches of the suburb communities of Ogbomoso. The sample population for the study was one hundred respondents selected through purposeful sampling method. The research instrument adapted was questionnaire. The study found out that the influence the Church has on its immediate environment is in its response to the health challenge of the aged and the main challenge confronting the leadership of the Church is inadequate funding. These findings were substantiated with statistical percentage of 85.9% and 85.1% respectively. It also found out that the Church’s role in social ministry is to create awareness for it through seminars. Based on these findings; the researcher recommends that the Church should extend the love of Christ through social services. It is this broader view that will help the Church move into the community without resistance and make a transformational impact.


Peter Ogunkunle
Church Pastor, Pastorate, Church, Oyo, Nigeria


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Religious Community and Socialization



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