An Assessment of Women’s Rights in Islam: Lessons for Contemporary Marital Challenges in Lagos State, Nigeria


The concept of women’s rights is one of the most discussed issues in contemporary times. This paper drew lessons from the concept of women’s rights in Islam to cushioning contemporary marital challenges in Lagos State. It was a qualitative research work, based on primary and secondary sources of information and experiential evidences. The work found that marital challenges are commonly precipitated by denial and abuse of women’s rights to work, freedom of expression and honour. The study brought to limelight the Islamic provisions on women’s rights as viable mechanisms to solving contemporary marital challenges in Lagos State. The paper recommends gender equity and complementarily of spouses, striking a balance between work and home, and mutual discussion between spouses as solutions to marital challenges among Muslims in Lagos State. The study concludes that honouring women’s rights within the limit set by Islam, is the most sustainable way to lessen, to the barest minimum marital challenges in Lagos State.


Kabir Olawale Paramole
Professor, Religions and Peace Studies, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Religious Commonalities and Differences


Women, Rights, Islam, Marital, Challenges, Lagos-State

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