The Misinterpretation of Holy Scripture Causing the Infected and Affected Syndrome of LGBTQ+ People


The motivation for this scholarly paper is a result of the misinterpretation of the Holy Scriptures and how that has infected and affected LGBT people/LGBT people of faith. One of the earliest interpretations of Holy Scripture dates to the 7th century by John Wycliffe. Unfortunately, because of Wycliffe’s misinterpreted version, many global religions and societies are operating in what I have titled the “Infected” and “Affected” Syndrome.” As a result, for many centuries, including the 21st century, we have witnessed more volatile acts of hatred, bitterness, massive killing, brutal beatings, abandonment, suicide, and other adverse residual incidents targeted at LGBTQ+ people. These acts of severe violence and rage are a clear result of the flawed hermeneutics of yesteryear theologians. Moreover, 21st-century religious leaders have been operating under the outdated doctrinal beliefs that modern-day religious “henchmen are perpetrating.” This outdated understanding regarding the “clobber passages” has empowered religious leaders with the opportunity to demonize, demoralize, and dehumanize LGBTQ+ people. Leaving us to believe that God hates us because of who we were born to be. We must deeply dive into these passages to gain the true knowledge of what those verses truly mean. Then, make the proper correction to the scriptures in our sacred spaces, thereby healing those greatly wounded.


Jeffrey D. Harris
Program Director, Education, Young Ambassadors Leadership Academy, Maryland, United States


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The Politics of Religion


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