Filipino believers and theists are always looking for alternative of worship since time immemorial. The history of faith provides that when the foreign religious missionaries arrived in the Philippine archipelago from 14th century onwards, Filipino theists find very difficult to adjust due to their animistic adherence. When Catholicism and Protestantism conquered the animistic Filipinos, several devotees have embraced the new foreign beliefs and religion, while others were looked for another possibility or substitute divine beings. Today, numerous Filipino prophets emerged in the Philippine Islands affirming to their followers that they were chosen by the divine Being in a solitude of prayer and meditation. This paper elucidates and shares selected Filipino prophets and their doctrines that their members and followers live and practice. Mixed methods research approach were used to collect and analyze comprehensively both quantitative and qualitative data from multiple sources. The results show that Filipino prophets are still significant for their members and sympathizer, despite the fact that the self-proclaimed “divine anointed one” is in question.


Melito Cruz
Assistant Professor, Humanities and Philosophy, Bulacan State University, Bulacan, Philippines


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


2024 Special Focus—Spaces, Movement, Time: Religions at Rest and in Movement



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