Call to Update Information about God the Creator: A Practical Lesson


Knowledge in secular fields is on the increase together with the welfare of humanity. Conversely, the urgency to relate with the divine God is diminishing. This focus is on getting the religious population informed of facts surrounding the vast Universe. Also, the organization is aware that space studies are mainly outside the everyday schedules of the non-academic and technocrat fields, and there is a need to offer appropriate explanations to the audience. The learning is targeted at the utilization of tools and facilities enabling science and technology to expose and explain the works of God’s hand. The present generation is not impressed by mere beliefs but more convinced by proof. Where mysteries have been solved by science, brainwashing and unexplained teaching can only prepare a fertile ground for theories driving millions of God’s people astray. There is a need to shift the teaching. The planetarium is an ideal tool for this purpose. In this study we explore the modern planetarium as a multi-media theater bringing insight into Art, History, Geology, and Biology. Moreover, using the digital projector application, the capabilities of the theater are enhanced.


Bruce Rwampunda
Executive Director, Community Development, Tagim House Industries Company Limited, Uganda


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Religious Community and Socialization



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