Exploring Philanthropy in Yemen from the Perspective of Expatriates and Local Charitable Organizations


Philanthropy plays a significant role in the Muslim world, and its role is more crucial in poor and most war-torn countries such as Yemen. In this study, I conducted an in-depth interview with the CEO of four local charitable organizations in Yemen and surveyed eighty-two Yemeni expatriates. The interviews and the survey focus on examining the current scale and the scope of philanthropy in Yemen. The goal of the interviews is to understand the philanthropy work environment and how public and charitable organizations function in Yemen. The interviews and the survey contain three sections. The first section is about the characteristic of the charitable organizations and participants. The second concentrates on assessing philanthropy in Yemen, and the last section discusses the participants and charitable organization strategy and contribution.


Sumaia Al Kohlani
Associate Professor, Government and Society, United Arab Emirates University, Abū Z̧aby [Abu Dhabi], United Arab Emirates


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Religious Community and Socialization


Philanthropy, Local charitable organizations, Donations, Volunteer work

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