The Weight of the Cross: Christianization and the Failure of the Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico, 1680-1710


Scholars have long speculated about the reasons for the failure of the1680 revolt of Pueblo Indians against the Spanish in the province of New Mexico, which resulted in the Spanish abandonment of the territories for close to a decade. We use archaeological and documentary evidence to suggest that the reason for this failure was related to the way the Spanish had Christianized the region, leading to miscegenation among a variety of culturally different groups and to the conditions under which the Puebloans tried to rebuild their traditional religious practices. Part of the focus is on the way the passage of time and the geographic transformation imposed by the Spanish lead to changes in Pueblo culture that were fundamental in this process.


Fernando Feliu Moggi
Professor, Department of Languages and Cultures, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


2024 Special Focus—Spaces, Movement, Time: Religions at Rest and in Movement


Pueblo religion, Spanish Christian imposition, Spanish colonial culture, Pueblo revolt

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