Mastering the Time Dimension: Integrated Framework for the Bubble of Now - "The Present Moment"


In Light of Vedic Science, the GURU aspect makes us understand the mysteries in the science surrounding the Black Holes, White Holes phenomenon in the Universe. It explains the ‘Space-Time Bubble of Now,’ the ‘Entanglement of the Quantum,’ the ‘Elements of Physical Reality’ phenomenon (Information stored in the entangled particle Soul per causality, karma theory) and vice versa. The “Self-Realised Professional mezbahnSRP” program proposes an integrated framework for two remarkable theories in science, the theory of General Relativity and the Quantum Mechanics of our bodily system, with thought experiments. I consider the consistency with the ancient wisdom knowledge in various cultures, mainly the works of rishis from ancient Bharatvarsha. The philosophies of Yugas at the quantum level help us understand how to transcend the Time dimension stepping back with ancient Knowledge as per Hinduism and manifestation of Panchbhootas, the five elements in nature as a Mind and Matter form in the holarchy system. It explains the purpose of the Black Holes in Space. Black Holes are the correction tools in space to get rid of disorder and restore the Universe’s symmetry. Beyond science lies, Ethics, Truthfulness, and Reverence, together form Love at the Heart of Creation. When we are ethical, our awareness is clear, distinct like the behaviour of light as particles. We experience dual nature under unethical states, an unpredictable state-like wave pattern (probabilities). The realisation of this makes us champions, fearless and successful leaders like Garuda, the eagle and it makes us free.


Susheel Kamotra
Founder and CEO, Project Management, Mezbahn Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Innovation Showcase


2024 Special Focus—Spaces, Movement, Time: Religions at Rest and in Movement


Peace, Freedom, Mental Well-Being, Science, Religion, General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics

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