Exploring Challenges and Motivations of Teachers during the Pandemic Era to Support Post-pandemic Pedagogy, Policies, and Strategies


This paper adds to the growing body of literature that explores challenges and motivations that teachers experienced during the pandemic era of teaching. The ongoing effects on the wellbeing and pedagogical approaches of educators needs to be identified through longitudinal studies. The current body of research examined the topic from a myriad of different aspects, with most studies focused not only just on the COVID-19 pandemic, but also had the focus toward primary level educators dealing with anxiety. This study examines the challenges that educators faced while trying to adapt to new technologies as a means of disseminating information, while exploring how can teachers’ perceptions during the pandemic can be leveraged to advance the current field of teaching after the pandemic. This study examined the positive aspects of teaching during a global pandemic. Results from 187 teachers throughout 14 school districts in northeast Ohio indicate that although the pandemic caused a significant disruption in the traditional dissemination of information found in a face-to-face classroom, there were several lessons that could be learned. The results of the study identifies new methodologies for educators in virtual or hybrid environments and the conclusion extrapolated qualitative data to recommend best practices moving forward in a post-pandemic world.


Crystal Ratican
Associate Professor, Teacher Education, Youngstown State University, Ohio, United States


Presentation Type

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Pedagogy and Curriculum


Pedagogy, Post-Pandemic Learning, Early Childhood, Digital Learning, Policies and Strategies