Literacies and Multiliteracies: A Clash between Hegemonic Writing and Multimodality?


Since the 1990s, literacy studies have advanced in different parts of the world. Sometimes focusing on digital literacies as a result of a more digital world; other times, focusing on pedagogical practices connected to literacies, i. e., multiliteracies. This became even more highlighted after the1996 New London Group article. Years have gone by and more researchers have dedicated their investigations to literacies and multiliteracies, including scholars located in countries from the Global South, such as Brazil and Colombia. In this colloquium, researchers from different countries aim at discussing literacies and multiliteracies, considering that those are part of a neoliberal agenda in a post-pandemic time with all the consequences that arise from this reality. Thus, presenters in this colloquium focus on literacies and multiliteracies, discussing a possible clash between hegemonic writing and multimodality in a neoliberal post-pandemic world.


Ana Karina de Oliveira Nascimento
Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Brazil

Digital Media


Literacies and Multiliteracies (pdf)