English Language Education Provided by the App 'Estude em Casa': A Multimodal Analysis


The increase in the adoption of apps for language education is a reality nowadays, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are paid, others are free, but a number of them are now available to language learners. In this study, we focus on an app called ‘Estude em Casa’, made available, for free, to public school students of Sergipe, the smallest state of Brazil, during the pandemic times, starting in 2020. In a research from 2021 to 2023, we investigated the materials made available in the app, which were meant to teach English, observing how multimodality was/was not part of the activities proposed. It was qualitative and interpretive research which also took the form of a document investigation since our main focus was on the activities made available by the app aimed at basic education. After a thorough examination of the app, we found out multimodality was not explored as it could be, considering its potential in the processes of teaching and learning English using multimodal literacies. Therefore, there was little exploration of the connections between the visual and verbal in multimodal communication. After the investigation, we advocate for the importance of the development of multimodal literacies through the teaching of English.


Ana Karina de Oliveira Nascimento
Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages, Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil

Maria Amália Vargas Façanha
Professor, Department of Foreing Languages, Federal University of Sergipe, Sergipe, Brazil

Thiago De Melo Cardoso Santos
Student, English Grad, Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Sergipe, Brazil

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