Tell Me What It Takes: A Study on Teaching English to Children


English teaching for children has been a reality at the Municipal Educational Department of São Paulo since 2012. Nevertheless, this implementation in the early years of elementary schools was marked by the absence of regulatory frameworks and numerous challenges for teachers. Therefore, in view of the new scenarios established for the English teaching practice in São Paulo after the 2012 implementation, this study investigates the practices and the knowledge propelled and/or constructed by me during my teacher career while working with children. In order to do so, I rely on theoretical framework based on teaching knowledge, with emphasis on: language, with contributions from Critical Applied Linguistics and contemporary Sociolinguistics (KUMARAVADIVELU, 2006; CANAGARAJAH, 2018a; 2018b, to name a few); childhood, children and their cultures (SARMENTO; PINTO, 1997; ABRAMOWICZ; MORUZZI, 2010); language learning, with emphasis on language teaching for children (ROCHA, 2006; 2007; MOON, 2001, CAMERON 2001; 2003) and teacher education (BRITZMAN, 1996; GOODWIN, 2010, WHITE et al, 2021, and more). With regard to methodology, I use the autoethnographic approach ( ADAMS; JONES; ELLIS, 2015), aiming at establishing relations between the scientific literature and the process of becoming an English teacher of children. To do so, I use various data generation tools, such as: personal episodes from my teaching and researcher experiences at elementary schools, field observations, students’ productions and informal conversations with working partners. I conclude the teacher education process is best developed in terms of biographies, contexts and relationships established with all elements present in the classroom.


Thaís Blasio Matins
Educational Assistant, Curriculum Department, São Paulo City Hall, São Paulo, Brazil


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Early Childhood Learning


English Teaching; Children; Teacher training; Autoethnography

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