Digital Literacies in Language Teacher Education: Future Teachers' Perspectives on Technology Integration for Language Teaching and Learning in Cyberculture


Although we live in cyberculture (SANTOS, 2009) and several official documents emphasize the relevance of teachers’ digital literacies to integrate digital technologies in a critical, creative, and ethical way into teaching-learning processes, what can be perceived is that the integration of digital technologies in initial language teacher education is still very fragmented and often part of isolated initiatives from professors who integrate these technologies into their teaching practices at the university (PAIVA, 2015). This paper presents the results of an action research (TRIPP, 2005) in a public university in Rio de Janeiro that implemented an elective discipline aimed at developing pre-service language teachers’ digital literacies and multiliteracies in order to change this reality. The conceptual framework comprised Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge - TPACK (KOELHER; MISHRA, 2008), digital literacies (HOCKLY; DUDENEY; PEGRUM, 2016); multiliteracies (KELLNER, 2000; 2004), and the pedagogy of multiliteracies (KALANTZIS; COPE; PINHEIRO, 2020). Students engaged in theoretical discussions, practical activities with technologies, and reflection on the integration of these technologies in language teaching and learning. Results indicate that participants acknowledged that it is not enough to know how to use technology in their daily practices in order to use them in the classroom for pedagogical purposes, developing digital literacies and Pedagogical Technological and Content Knowledge throughout the discipline. They also externalized the relevance of the discipline for their teacher education in contemporary society as they became aware of the importance of integrating digital technologies in meaningful and creative ways in their future teaching practices.


Cíntia Rabello
Lecturer and Researcher, Foreign Languages Department, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Technologies in Learning



Digital Media


Digital Literacies in Language Teacher Education (pdf)