Teacher Education and Decoloniality: Reflections of Teacher Researcher in an Autoetnographic Study


This paper reflects on my progress as a teacher educator in a Teaching Education Course with English language teachers carried out in 2018/2019. The study is situated in the field of Critical Applied Linguistics because it problematizes issues related to language in a social context (Moita Lopes, 2006; Pennycook, 2006) and investigated my concerns as a teacher, researcher and teacher educator in an autoetnographic narrative (Ellis, 2004; Tedlock, 2013; Starfield, 2020). My data collection instruments were my reflective diaries, audio recordings of the meetings, the lesson plans produced by the teachers; the informal conversations we had in between meetings; the interactions and activities carried out in the Moodle environment and the interactions carried out by the WhatsApp application, in addition to the moments I bring with me: memories, feelings, anxieties, joys, frustrations, which are part of my emotions. My theoretical framework is based on discussions about decolonial theories (Castro-Gomez, Grosfoquel, 2007; Souza Santos, 2007, 2013), about the roles played by contemporary education and the English language (Biesta, 2006, 2010); in addition to critical literacy (Menezes de Souza, 2011, Monte Mór, 2013; Duboc; 2018) and discussions about teacher education (Pimenta, 2002; Nóvoa, 2017, Furlanetto, 2011). My epiphanies, which are my interpretations of the data obtained in the research, lead me to perceive my imperfection (Todd, 2006) while I (re) built my SELVES (researcher, teacher educator and teacher) in search of the provocation of reflection and agency, in a decolonial perspective of teachers involved in the process.


Christiane Agra
Professor, Campus Maceió, Instituto Federal de Alagoas, Alagoas, Brazil


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Literacies Learning


Teacher Education, English Language, Decoloniality, Autoethnography

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