Decolonizing the Digital: An Analysis of Possible Movements in Education


This research investigates the dynamics of undergraduate and graduate courses that took place online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital media have affordances that enable and encourage (or not) a dialogic, contextualized and collaborative practice, in line with the literacies pedagogy and aligned with the Freirean perspective, in which the student actively participates in the construction of his knowledge. The analysis of pedagogical practices have considered the internet as the main space for learning interactions. The investigation addresses the concept of digital colonialism as a current and emerging practice on the Internet today, encompassing the use of virtual environments, as well as the impressions of undergraduate and graduate students. The research is qualitative, netnographic in nature, and relies on data generated through the actions of students and teachers, mostly obtained via resources and virtual environments. Based on these reflections, paths are proposed for a decolonial digital education, based on theories related to decolonial pedagogies, with an analysis of courses and learning programs in three layers: the first is related to the technological structure that sustains it (space); the second is related to the materials chosen, created and produced, in addition to the methodologies and management of face-to-face and virtual time (Knowledge / Materials / Content and Time); and the third layer is focused on the relationships and interactions that are established as well as the interaction that the student establishes with knowledge and with the teacher, and how the virtual environment favors (or does not) learning interactions.


Helena Andrade Mendonca
Student, PhD, USP FFLCH DLM, São Paulo, Brazil


Presentation Type

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


2023 Special Focus—Literacies and Educational Changes: Rediscussing Digital Learning, Neoliberalism and Post-Pandemic Policies


Digital Colonialism, Online Education, Literacies Pedagogy, Higher Education, Digital Decoloniality

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