Storytelling Through Polaroid Photography


The significance of polaroid photography is attributed to the mediums ability to capture the world exactly as it appears to the child. A child who is given the freedom to orchestrate autonomously their own photo shoot has license to capture their vision in a single frame. Polaroid photography as a method for connecting with art and maybe some learning. I have recorded a preschool classroom during their free choice time, observing the images children will photograph, what language are they using, if any as the witness the instantaneous results of the camera, concept of retelling strategies through their instamatic photographs. These analyses are done through Qualtrics, an online pre and post survey that will be anonymous. This survey of college student’s offers perspective on the preschool activities done in our university classroom time. My hope is these future teachers will be able to manifest a qualitative appreciation for the process of young children classroom activities, thereby doing, develop a growing aesthetic for activity critique. It is my rationale that those who can access for themselves the visual beauty of something they have created, that they are better equipped to understand the work, precision, time, and effort utilized by others to create effective preschool lessons. Using surveys for future teachers to assess and critique their own creative activity capabilities will inspect their preschool classroom creative play hands on experiences.


Brandon Gilbert
Assistant Professor, Education, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado, United States


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Innovation Showcase


Early Childhood Learning



Digital Media


Storytelling Through Polaroid Photography (mp4)