Developing Culture and Climate: LGBTQ+ Embedded Systems


This study provides an overview of the development of LGBTQIA+ support during the last eight years in schools as well as how this process initially began. It considers how community/resources were integrated, lways to build internal and external collaborations, how to increase capacity; and reviews some of the resources provided to staff within an urban school district of 96,000 students. This paper recognizes and address the needs of our diverse student population and ways to build networks towards a more inclusive organizational culture. We include understanding diverse student populations in a majority-minority school district, learning of terms/resources, reflection through activities and prompts, and creating safe and welcoming schools/communities.


Monica Lakhwani
Multicultural Specialist, DEP, Jefferson County Public Schools, United States


Presentation Type

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Learner Diversity and Identities


Inclusive Education, Culture, Gender Identity

Digital Media


Developing Culture and Climate: LGBTQ+ Embedded Systems (pdf)