Success for All and How We Get There


Those on the spectrum can be successful if given the correct opportunities and chances. Sam runs his own podcast called, Autism Rocks and Rolls. It has grown over the last three years and has become very, very successful. Podcasting was an outlet for Sam. It actually saved his life. All self-taught, Sam wants to share what worked for him while he built his podcast and nonprofit and to spread the message that the definition of success is in the eye of the beholder. Sam has a mission: To take the stigma off of autism and show people that he is not broken, therefore, embracing autism. Sam is not ashamed and wants to be the voice of those with autism or other disabilities. His podcast helped him be successful and is helping him change the world just a little bit at a time.


Samuel Mitchell
Executive Director, Autism Rocks and Rolls Corporation, Indiana, United States


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Innovation Showcase


Learner Diversity and Identities


Autism, Success, Disability, Ability, Motivation, Podcasting, Business, Entrepreneur

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