Closing the Excellence Gap: Strategies to Support English Language Development for Multilingual Students through Parental Involvement


In order to close the excellence gap among multilingual students, teachers and families must collaborate to develop the student’s literacy skills. Parent involvement correlates to an increase in student’s academic achievement necessary to close the excellence gap, especially in English Language (EL) students. With the U.S. demographics swiftly changing and English growing as the lingua franca around the world, rapid English literacy development for multilingual students is becoming increasingly critical. This study shares specific strategies that educators can implement to support English literacy for multilingual students through parental involvement, even if the parents do not speak English themselves. The strategies shared include: voice recognition technology to develop English language, cloud based library of bilingual e-books, use of audio books in native language and English, parent-teacher communication using translation technology, hosting family workshops using interpreters, and co-learning family projects using web-based blogging.


Misty LaCour
Professor, Education and Communication, Purdue University Global, United States


Presentation Type

Poster Session


Literacies Learning


Language, Literacy, Multilingualism, Parental Involvement

Digital Media